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Budget and Policy Committee

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Department of Elections
Elections Commission



Minutes of the

San Francisco Elections Commission, Budget and Policy Committee

City Hall, One Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, Room 408

4:30 p.m. , February 7, 2002

1. Call to order and roll call

Commissioner Alix Rosenthal called the meeting to order at 4:35 p.m.

COMMISSION MEMBERS PRESENT: Alix Rosenthal, Commissioner; Robert Kenealey, Commissioner; Brenda Stowers, Commissioner

STAFF PRESENT: Tammy Haygood, Director of Elections; Jeremy Eckstein, Assistant to the Director

CITY ATTORNEY’S STAFF PRESENT: Julie Moll, Deputy City Attorney


· Room Availability Schedule

· City and County of San Francisco Purchasing Agreement with MacKenzie Communications, Inc.

· Job Announcement for Commission Secretary

· Department of Elections Budget from November and December 2001 and March 2002

· Department of Elections Expenditure Analysis for Supplemental Appropriation

2. No Public Comments

3. Review proposed supplemental budget, make recommendations to full Commission (Discussion and Possible Action)

Commissioner Stowers asked how the supplemental budget works. She also asked if there was a roll over of the Supplemental Appropriation for the Department of Elections Budget.

Ara Minasian, Budget Analyst, Administrative Services, described the role of Administrative Services. He explained the difference between the regular and the supplemental budget. He stated that budget mechanics and the amount of scrutiny generated are disproportionate to the size of the budget.

Director Haygood reported on the current temporary budget.

The reasons for the need of a supplemental budget follows:

· Decline to State Voters received unique ballots

· Repricinting efforts increased the number of precincts and ballot types

· Vehicle rental expenditures

· Extra shelving for the 240 Van Ness location and additional storage space

· Commission Secretary start-up cost

· Professional services

Vicki Hennessey answered questions about Proposition E. The budget is for security already requested and for the implementation of the primary versus secondary security focus. She stated that the voted ballots and memory packs are more important than unvoted ballots. The high cost of security is for the guarding of the unvoted ballots, which are being assembled at Brooks Hall. She also spoke about the vehicle availability.

Motion 020701-1:

Motion to approve the supplemental budget and send it to the full Commission for approval.

(Kenealey/Stowers) Moved, Seconded, and Unanimously Passed.


David Rogers questioned the Commission about the budget appropriation for Proposition E and the Sheriff’s Department. He had a dialogue with Director Haygood about the differences between November, December and March Elections respectively.

Motion 020502-3:

Motion to recommend to the Personnel Committee, that the director’s ability to cut cost on the production of ballot cards be used as criteria in evaluating the director’s work


(Stowers/Rosenthal) Moved, Seconded, and Unanimously Passed.

4. Discussion and possible action on the Directors’ request that the Elections Commission seek from the Board of Supervisors a waiver under City Charter Section 13.104.5. regarding:

· Technical Computer Support by Administrative Services Staff for Election Day.

· City employees working on Election Day as Elections Officers (poll workers). (Discussion and possible action)

Note: Section 13.104.5 prohibits City personnel (other than the Director of Elections, an appointee of the Director of Elections or a member of the Elections Commission, or the Sheriff) from "in any capacity perform[ing] any function relating to the conduct of an election." The Board of Supervisors may waive this prohibition for election day activity only.

Director Haygood stated that she was in favor of waivers for City employees from Administrative Services to work on Election Night for Information Technology Support.

Public Comments:

Marc Salomon recommended having an "extra set of eyes watching the IS team".

Dave Rogers requested that city employees not be given the inspector’s role.

5. Report from the Director of Elections on the impact on the Department of Elections if Proposition A (instant run-off voting) passes. (Discussion and possible action)

6. Set regular meeting times for committee. (Action)

The Commissioners agreed that the regular meeting to be held once a month. Director Haygood recommended that the Commission meet more than once a month.

Motion 020701-5:

Motion for setting of regular meetings one Thursday per month at 6:30 p.m. in Room 416.

(Rosenthal/Kenealey) Moved, Seconded, and Unanimously Passed.

7. Committee members propose agenda items for next meeting. (Discussion only)

Motion 020701-4:

Motion to set special meeting time and place on Tuesday, February 12 at 12:30 pm in

Room 408 to discuss agenda item numbers three and four.

(Rosenthal/Stowers) Moved, Seconded, and Unanimously Passed.

8. Public comment.

No public comments.


Motion 020701-5

Motion to adjourn the meeting.

(Rosenthal/Kenealey) Moved, Seconded, and Unanimously Passed.