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Meeting Information

Budget and Policy Committee

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Department of Elections
Elections Commission

Approved : 7-17-02

City and County of San Francisco
Minutes of the Meeting Held
Monday, April 15, 2002

1.          Call to Order and Roll Call. Commissioners Alix Rosenthal, Tom Schulz, Brenda Stowers were present.

2.          Public Comment: There was none.

3.          Discussion and of the Department of Elections Annual Budget for fiscal year 2002-2003: Director Haygood explained that the baseline budget does not take into consideration the possibility of a December run off, and that in this budget the DOE would be operating in the same space with the same logistical problems.

It was noted that Instant Run Off Voting runs throughout the budget in several line items. The implementation of Proposition A will have a great impact on the budget. A decision needs to be made whether to attempt to have IRV in place for November this year. To do so will take staffing, equipment and at this point there are many unknowns, although some estimates have been provided. If the Department does go forward, money will be needed.

It was also noted that in the past, the DOE has not budgeted funds for run offs, but the subject of asking for these funds is always discussed. The Committee discussed whether to ask for funds for the possible run off, or whether to ask for funding for the IRV - it’s expected that 4 to 5 supervisorial districts will have run-off elections in 2002. Commissioner Rosenthal stated that we can’t ask for funding for both.

Director Haygood and Mr. Manasian agreed to provide a memo that will answer the many questions the Committee asked during this meeting no later than Wednesday.