SF City ID Card - Business Participation

The Office of the County Clerk is currently closed to the public to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
Limited services are available by mail or online ordering.

The City is encouraging local businesses to voluntarily participate in the City ID Card initiative by providing discounts and benefits to cardholders. Participating businesses can gain visibility and increase their customer base.

Here are some of the ways the SF City ID Card can help your business:

  • Participating businesses that submit the Business Participation Form will be listed on the City's official website. The City may also, in its sole discretion, list participating businesses in additional marketing materials.
  • A list of participating businesses will be distributed to new card holders when they visit the County Clerk 's Office. Businesses that sign up by December 22, 2008, will be included in the list. Businesses that sign up after the date will be listed on the City's website only. The City's website address will be included on distributed materials.
  • Participating businesses that submit the attached Business Participation Form will receive a window sign that informs customers of their participation.
  • The card can help businesses streamline their hiring process because employers can use the SF City ID Card as a List B document for verifying identity for a new employee's Employment Eligibility Verification form (also known as an I-9 form).

If you would like to learn more about how you can participate in the City ID program, please contact us here.