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Wednesday, November 4, 2009
3:00 p.m.
25 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 70










Members present: Sherene Melania, Chair, John Calloway, Topher Delaney, Astrid Haryati


Members absent: Amy Chuang


Staff present: Director of Cultural Affairs Luis Cancel, Street Artists Program Director Howard Lazar



Commissioner Melania, Chair, called the meeting to order at 3:10 p.m. and welcomed Commissioner Astrid Haryati to the Committee.


1.    Action. Hearing and possible motion to approve or deny issuance of certificate for Paula Datesh.

The Commissioners ascertained that Paula Datesh was not present. Commissioner Melania tabled the hearing. 

2.   Action. Hearing and possible motion to approve or deny issuance of certificate:

Jennifer (Shao Cui) Chen – Alleged violation: Obstructing lottery space assignment procedure by refusing to vacate a space eligible for noontime lottery assignment.

Ms. Jennifer Chen brought Ms. Mei Zhang (her cousin) and Mr. David Chan, Public Safety Coordinator of San Francisco SAFE, Inc., for her  Cantonese/English interpreters.  The Arts Commission provided Ms. Amanda Kwong as a Cantonese/English interpreter for Ms. Chen and the Commissioners.

Program Director Howard Lazar presented the Program’s case against Ms. Chen.  Street Artist Cheryl Chen (no relation to Jennifer Chen) testified against Ms. Chen.  Ms. Chen spoke on her own behalf.  Mr. Kong Chen spoke in support of his sister, Jennifer Chen.  Taking public comment, the Commissioners heard from street artists Michael Addario, Kathleen Hallinan, Wan Lan Ma, Joyce Kung, and Maria Hillius. The Commissioners discussed the case.
 [A complete audio recording of the hearing is available from the office of the Street Artists Program.]

Commissioner Delaney moved that Jennifer (Shao Cui) Chen be found in violation of Arts Commission street artist space assignment Lottery Rule XI, “Noontime Rule,” and “Procedures for Sales pace Occupancy Rule,” by (1) refusing to vacate a street artist space eligible for assignment through the noontime lottery, and (2) by obstructing the noontime lottery procedure; the motion was seconded by Commissioner Calloway and unanimously approved.

Commissioner Calloway moved that Ms. Chen’s certificate be suspended for a period of two (2) months; the motion was seconded by Commissioner Delaney and unanimously approved.

3.   Action. Counting of candidates’ ballots for Street Artists Liaison Committee;
motion to approve elected candidates.

In keeping with the procedure approved by the Arts Commission for an election of five (5)
candidates to serve on the Street Artists Liaison Committee, ballots with return envelopes
had been disseminated among all street artists attending space-assignment lotteries of the
Wharf, Downtown, and Justin Herman Plaza areas for an election period of three (3)
weeks, ending October 31, 2009.  Two hundred twenty-eight sealed ballot envelopes had
been received by the Program Director and
were now delivered to the Commissioners to open and tabulate at this, the November 4th,
meeting of the Street Artists Committee. 

The results of the election, among the ten candidates, were as follows:

  CANDIDATE                                            NUMBER OF VOTES

    Tad Sky                                                                 120
    Cheryl Chen                                                          102
    Debra King                                                              90
    Michael Addario                                                      89
    Jimmy Sha                                                              78
    Kathleen Hallinan                                                  76
    Maria Hillius                                                           74
    Carlos Cuzma                                                          71
    Dana Boyko                                                             59
    Madeline Marrow                                                    59

As this was the first election, the three top vote-getters would be serving for two-year
terms, and the next two top vote-getters would be serving for one-year terms.  Upon
subsequent elections, all five top vote-getters would serve for two-year terms.

Commissioner Melania moved to approve the following candidates (in ranking
order) as members of the Street Artists Liaison Committee: Tad Sky, Cheryl
Chen, Debra King, Michael Addario, Jimmy Sha; the motion was seconded by
Commissioner Calloway and unanimously approved.

As Commissioners Haryati and Calloway had to leave, the Street Artists Committee lost
its quorum.  Commissioner Melania adjourned the meeting at 5:00 p.m.

       Respectfully submitted:

Howard Lazar
Street Artists Program Director






December 02, 2009