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Meeting Information

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State Legislation Committee

April 18, 2007

3:00 pm


City Hall, Room 288


DRAFT Meeting Minutes




Members Present


Mayor’s Office (Chair) – Amiee Albertson
Supervisor Aaron Peskin’s Office – David Noyola
Supervisor Alioto-Pier’s Office – Catherine Stefani
City Attorney’s Office – MaryJane Winslow
Treasurer’s Office – Pauline Marx

Assessor’s Office – Zoon Nguyen

Controller’s Office – Marti Paschal


Other Attendees


Department of Environment – Mark Westlund

Department of Environment – Robert Haley

Mayor’s Office of Housing – Douglas Shoemaker

Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice – Nicolas King

Department of Public Health – Jim Soos



        I.      ROLL CALL



Action Item:  the Committee voted to approve the minutes of the April 9, 2007 meeting of the State Legislation Committee.



Action items:  the Committee voted to take the following positions on state legislation affecting the City and County of San Francisco.


A.      AB 101 (Ma):  to improve transit efficiency though authorization of photo-enforcement of parking violations in bus lanes and street sweeping zones.

Position taken:  tabled


B.      AB 1256 (Caballero):  to amend the Density Bonus law to benefit cities that are already creating large amounts of affordable housing.

Position taken:  Support if amended


C.      SB 934 (Lowenthal):  to allow creation of housing and infrastructure financing zones.

Position taken:  Support


D.      AB 845 (Bass):  to provide state funding for housing for former foster youth and probation youth.

Position taken:  removed from agenda because bill is already consistent with the Mayor’s State Legislative Plan.

E.      SB 767 (Ridley-Thomas):  to allow any person who believes that another person is experiencing a drug overdose to administer an opiod antagonist (Naloxone) without being subject to civil liability or criminal penalties as a result of that act.

Position taken:  Support


F.      AB 1496 (Swanson):  to require legislative body approval for City and County departments to hire as-needed workers or to backfill employees on leave for more than 60 days.

Position taken:  removed from the agenda because it was determined to be not applicable to the City and County of San Francisco.


G.     SB 1020 (Padilla):  to require counties to divert 75% of all solid waste.

Position taken:  Support


H.      AB 1471 (Feuer):  to expand the types of weapons required to utilize micro-stamping technology to transfer unique identifiers from the weapon to the bullet when the weapon is fired.

Position taken:  continued until the next meeting of the State Legislation Committee at the request of Supervisor Alioto-Pier’s office.


I.         AB 1502 (Lieu):  to create banking development districts to incentivize banks to develop and market products to the unbanked. 

Position taken:  Support


J.       AB 1693 (Eng): to allow California tax filers to purchase a savings bond with part of their refund on their tax return. 

Position taken:  Support


K.      AB 1300 (Price):  to enact practices that improve family contact with incarcerated juveniles.

Position taken:  Support


L.       AB362 (de Leon):  to combat handgun violence through increased regulation of handgun dealers.

Position taken:  Support


M.     SB 803 (Lowenthal):  to enhance opportunities for community conservation corps programs to compete to construct transportation enhancement projects.

Position taken:  Support



Discussion item:  no new legislation was recommended for consideration.



Discussion item:  no members of the public wished to comment.