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Meeting Information

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State Legislation Committee

April 3, 2006

11:00 am


City Hall, Room 288


Draft Meeting Minutes



Members Present


Mayor’s Office (Chair) – Amiee Albertson

Supervisor Aaron Peskin’s Office – David Owen

Supervisor Alioto-Pier’s Office – Sarah Ballard

City Attorney’s Office – MaryJane Winslow
Treasurer’s Office – David Augustine

Assessor’s Office – Craig Dziedzic
Controller’s Office – Peg Stevenson


Other Attendees


Bill Sifferman – Juvenile Probation Department

Allen Smith – Department of Children, Youth, and Their Families

Linda Tulett – Elections Commission

Jennifer Matz - Mayor’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development

Marcia Rosen – San Francisco Redevelopment Agency

Scott Boule – Department of Public Health

Suzanne Arena – San Francisco Public Utilities Commission



        I.      ROLL CALL



Action item: The Committee voted to approve the minutes of the March 6, 2006 meeting of the State Legislation Committee.




A.      AB 2615 (Tran): to provide probation officers access to information identifying sexual assault victims when preparing a pre-sentencing report.

Position taken:  Support


B.      SB 1210 (Torlakson):  to restrict use of eminent domain.

Action: Oppose


C.      SB 638 (Torlakson):  to improve distribution of funding for after school programs.

Position taken:  Support


D.      HR 29 (Houston ):  to support location of the National Biological Foundry in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Position taken:  Support


E.      SB 1374 (Cedillo):  to reauthorize state law that allows the Franchise Tax Board to provide cities data about businesses filing within their jurisdiction.

Position taken:  Support


F.      AB 821 (Ridley-Thomas):  to establish a voter outreach program to potential voters that are incarcerated for a non-felony conviction or who are recently off parole.

Position taken:  Support


G.     AB 1634 (McCarthy):  to appropriate state funds to reimburse counties for the cost of the November 2005 special election. 

Position taken:  Support


H.      SB 1661 (Cox):  to add an additional two-year extension of the January 1, 2013, deadline for hospitals to perform seismic retrofit if the hospital is under construction and has made a good faith effort to comply with the 2013 deadline.

Position taken:  Support


I.         SB 1500 (Speier):  to create a statewide campaign designed to deter the abuse of methamphetamine in California.

Position taken:  Support


J.       AB 2573 (Leno):  to authorize the City and County of San Francisco to use Hetch Hetchy Water and Power solar generation to supply electricity to qualifying remote new load (in other words, new city developments.) The bill also removes the cap on solar projects size as well as the cap on the amount of solar that Hetch Hetchy Water and Power can provide with the City and County of San Francisco. 

Position taken:  Support


K.      AB 2659 (Ruskin):  to prohibit the use of state funds, personnel, or resources on behalf of a feasibility study or review relating to the restoration of the Hetch Hethcy Valley until the Legislative Analyst determines that certain levee work, capital improvements projects, and evaluations have been completed.

Position taken:  Tabled


L.       AB 1953 (Chan):  to revise the term “lead free” to mean not more than 0.2% lead when used with respect to solder and flux and not more than .25% lead when used with respect to pipes and pipe fittings, and fixtures.

Position taken:  Support


M.     AB 2778 (Lieber):  to require the California Public Utilities Commission, in consultation with the Energy Commission, to administer, until January 1, 2017, a self-generation incentive program for distributed generation resources in the same form that exists on January 1, 2004.  

Position taken:  Support


N.      SB 1251 (Alquist):  to require the Department of Water  Resources to convene a task force to prepare a comprehensive statewide flood and stormwater management plan and financing strategy for implementing that plan.

Position taken:  Support 




Discussion item:  members of the Committee did not suggest future agenda items.



Discussion item:  there were no members of the public who wished to comment.