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Meeting Information

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State Legislation Committee
April 13, 2005
2:00 pm

City Hall, Room 288

Meeting Minutes

Members Present

Mayor's Office (Chair) - Amiee Albertson
Supervisor Aaron Peskin's Office - David Owen
Supervisor Alioto-Pier's Office - Rob Black
City Attorney's Office - MaryJane Winslow
Controller's Office - Corina Monzon
Treasurer's Office - Pauline Marx

Members Absent

Assessor's Office - Craig Dziedzic

Other Attendees

Department of Public Health - Colleen Chawla
San Francisco Health Plan - Ellen Kaiser
Department of Human Services - Maggie Donahue
City Attorney - Jean Alexander
Mayor's Office of Community Development - Ahsha Safai



    Action item: the Committee voted to approve the minutes of the March 9, 2005 meeting of the State Legislation Committee.


    Action items: the Committee took the following positions on state legislation affecting the City and County of San Francisco:

    A. Department of Public Health 2005 State Legislative Agenda. Establishes the Department's position on a range of health-related legislative topics.

The committee agreed to continue this item until the May 11 meeting in order to give
committee members more time to review the document.

    B. AB 547 (Berg): to authorize needle exchange programs.

Position: Support

    C. SB 167 (Speier): extend the deadline by which hospitals can complete seismic retrofit until 2020.

Position: Support

    D. SB 38 (Alquist): to expand the Healthy Families program to cover all children up to 300% of the Federal Poverty Level.

Position: Support

    E. AB 363 (Chu): to create the Child Welfare Services Outcomes and Accountability Incentive Fund.

Position: Support

    F. SB 1018 (Smitian): to include employees of certain financial institutions as mandated reporters of financial abuse for elder and dependent adults.

Position: Support

    G. AB 1605 (Wolk): to include employees of certain financial institutions as mandated reporters of financial abuse for elder and dependent adults.

Position: Support

    H. AB 824 (Chu): to extend the current age limit of 21 to 24 for the Transitional Housing Placement Program for Emancipated Foster/Probation Youth (also known as THP+).

Position: Support

    I. AB 1282 (Mullin): to eliminate the 50/50 split between San Francisco and San Mateo counties on the sale of jet fuel at SFO, and allow San Mateo to keep all revenues.

Position: Oppose

    J. AB 236 (Bermudez): to cap the sales tax on sale of jet fuel at 63 cents per gallon.

      Position: Oppose

    K. AB 769 (Horton): to authorize an enforcement agency to require an owner of residential rental property to complete 15 hours of educational courses if he or she fails to repair a building condition that is in violation of the housing or building standard.

Position: Support

    L. SB 894(Dunn): to allow the court to issue an injunction against a property owner to prevent a recurrence or future occurrence of nuisance activity.

Position: Support

    M. SB 6 (Ducheny): to allow Enterprize Zones created after 1990 to apply for a 5-year extension.

Position: Support


    Discussion item: members of the Committee suggested the following topics for consideration at the May 11 meeting:

    • SB 308 (Smitian)

    • State Legislative Plan for the City Attorney

    • State Legislative Plan for the Department of Human Resources


    Discussion item: there was no public comment.