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Meeting Information

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State Legislation Committee

May 24, 2006

11:00 am


City Hall, Room 288


Draft Meeting Minutes




Members Present


Mayor’s Office (Chair) – Amiee Albertson
Supervisor Alioto-Pier’s Office –
Sarah Ballard
City Attorney’s Office – MaryJane Winslow
Treasurer’s Office – David Augustine

Assessor’s Office – Craig Dziedzic


Members Absent


Supervisor Aaron Peskin’s Office – David Owen
Controller’s Office – Peg Stevenson

Other Attendees


Stephanie Upp – Asset Policy Initiative of California

Jim Soos – Department of Public Health

Laura Ingall – Department of Environment

Mark Westlund – Department of Environment

Jennifer Kass – Department of Environment

Nathan Purkiss – Public Utilities Commission




        I.      ROLL CALL



Action item: the Committee approved the minutes of the May 1, 2006 meeting of the State Legislation Committee.



Action items:  the Committee voted to have the City take the following positions on state legislation affecting the City and County of San Francisco:


A.      AB 2466 (Daucher and Arambula):  to amend CalWORKs requirements to exclude retirement savings (401ks, IRAs) and college savings (529 accounts) from the asset-means tests for public assistance eligibility.

Position taken:  Support


B.      AB 2439 (Klehs):  to add a second line to the California State Tax Form, which would enable CA tax payers to designate "money to save" and "money to spend" for their state refunds.

Position taken:  Support


C.      AB 2634 (Lieber):  to require localities in California to make specific housing element efforts for extremely low-income people.

Position taken:  Support


D.      AB 3018 (Lieber):  to require the Air Resources Board to establish a program for the prevention and control of indoor air pollution.

Position taken:  Support


E.      AB 2928 (Laird):  to require the California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB) to develop voluntary green building guidelines for residential home construction.

Position taken:  Support


F.      AB 2878 (Ruskin): to require California Integrated Waste Management Board, by January 1, 2008, to develop and adopt regulations for green building standards for the construction or renovation of state buildings.

Position taken:  This item removed from the agenda at the request of the Department of

Environment.  The bill author has pulled the bill from consideration and may redraft.


G.     AB 2496 (Laird): to lower the maximum flush volumes from 1.6 gallons per flush to 1.3 gallons for single flush toilets, and from 1 gallon per flush to .5 for urinals, in order to conserve 8 billion gallons of water per year.

Position taken:  Support


H.      AB 2515 (Ruskin):  to establish efficiency requirements for appliances, homebuilders and water utilities. Also would require the PUC to establish methods of accounting the financial costs and benefits of water use efficiency programs to customers of water corporations.  

Position taken:  Support


I.         AB 2723 (Pavley):  to establish the Low-Income Housing Development and Nonprofit Building Revolving Loan Program, which would provide loans to local governing bodies, private businesses, and nonprofits to finance solar energy systems. The source of funding for this program would come from 10% of the monies collected from the California Solar Initiative (CSI).

Position taken:  Support



Discussion item:  no additional items were suggest for future agendas.



Discussion item:  there was no public comment.