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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

6:00 P.M.

1800 Oakdale Avenue

San Francisco, CA 94124


1.0               Call to Order
Commissioner Bobbrie Brown called the Wednesday, April 25, 2007 meeting to order at 6:13 p.m. in the Alex L. Pitcher Community Room at 1800 Oakdale Avenue.

Commissioner Brown read the Sunshine Ordinance aloud.

             1.2            Roll Call: Commissioners Present:  Brown, Jones, Fuentes, Churchwell, Kennedy, Parker; Sampson

Staff Present: Toye Moses, Executive Director; Marie Arguelles, SECF staff.


             1.3                    Consent Calendar

          RESOLUTION (SECFC-2007-79) Be it resolved that the minutes of the Southeast Community Facility Commission meeting of Thursday, April 12, 2007 were approved as submitted.

2.0                 PUBLIC COMMENT
Mr. Samuel Murray, SFPUC reminded that the 9910 stationary engineer applications can still be picked up @ 750 Phelps Street. PUC has openings for applicants from the 94124 zip code area.

3.0                 COMMUNICATION:
Correspondence included in Commission folders:

a.       Letter of Invitation to Mr. Al Williams, Historical Society re: Slavery Disclosure Act

b.       Letter of Invitation to Ms. Jeanette Fisher, Properties Inc. re: Probate Properties & Seniors

c.       Letter to City Planner re: Request for Information re: Combustion Turbines @ Pier 80

The portion of the presentation on diversifying water will be deferred to a future date. Commissioner Brown asked that Mr. Tony Winnicker step forward to present on PUC’s new rate package.

4.0               PRESENTATION:
Mr. Tony Winnicker, SFPUC Director of Communications thanked the Commission for the opportunity to present. He recognized his colleague, Karol Ostberg who will address rate structures.

Mr. Winnicker
began by giving a power point presentation concerning the 2007/2008 proposed SFPUC water/sewer service rate increase that will go into effect July 1st, 2007 and July 1st, 2008. A handout of slides along with comparison graphs of proposed rate charge, structure for water/sewer charges, rebate information, conservation tips and available programs through SFPUC were also included.

PUC is proposing over a 2-year period a rate structure of tiered water rates and a new capacity charge (connection charge for all new development).

Mr. Winnicker listed some of the projects that would be funded by the rate increase such as maintenance/operation of the system, capital improvement projects, treatment plant (Southeast) upgrades, etc. He concluded by proposing that PUC in collaboration with the Commission host a water conservation event during a future commission meeting. Mr. Winnicker then asked that Ms. Karol Ostberg step forward to speak on rate structure.

Ms. Ostberg explained PUC works closely with the Rate Fairness Board in setting rates. Ms. Ostberg reviewed the proposed rate increase and explained for the average customer, the rate increase would go from $50.00 a month to $54.24 and increase the following year to $59.58. Ms. Ostberg concluded by discussing the capacity charges for new, expanded or change in service.

Dir. Moses asked if there was any form available for consideration of separate usage for cultivating a garden. Mr. Winnicker
said PUC does offer in-home surveys regarding water irrigation use and could suggest low water use plants.

Commissioner Kennedy asked whether San Francisco ratepayers would be responsible for the infrastructure at the BVHP Shipyard. Mr. Winnicker stated BVHP Lennar is to install the sewer/water infrastructure. PUC will take over the responsibility once Lennar has been reimbursed for installation costs. PUC will be the sewer/water agency for shipyard residents and shipyard residents will be responsible for payment of water/sewer service.

Commissioner Fuentes asked for clarification with regard to the excessive hike in proposed residential charges as compared to previous years. Ms. Ostberg explained part of the reason for the increased cost is catch-up, as there was a rate freeze back in 1998 for both water/sewer.

Prompted by a question with regard to funding for water conservation-related education, Mr. Winnicker stated PUC is attempting to expand the educational outreach component by placing several part-time student positions in the budget for next year.

Commissioner Parker asked whether senior citizens who are on fixed incomes would have special rates. Mr. Winnicker stated there are low-income discount programs available as well as reduced fees for lower-rate users.

Prompted by a statement of President Brown, Mr. Winnicker explained federal/state standard requirements for tap water exceeds that of bottled water.

Commissioner Kennedy asked whether the rate increase would need to be approved by the Board of Supervisors. Mr. Winnicker explained the Board has the ability to reject the rates by majority vote or choose to do nothing. If nothing is done, after 30 days the rates become law.

Mr. Tony Caruso asked for clarification on the flow rate percentage as it relates to gardening. Mr. Winnicker explained the flow factor of a customer would be adjusted if 90% of wastewater were not returned to the system.


5.0                 DIRECTOR’S REPORT:
Dir. Moses reported:

a.    The new 1842 Mgmt. Assistant will begin soon.

b.    Lead abatement @ Headstart is in progress. Sand has been removed from the play area and replaced with non-steroid sand.

c.    The City Attorney is in the process of finalizing the jurisdictional transfer agreement and is awaiting response from city planning.

d.    Safety issue is a concern @ the Facility (auto theft). Everyone is cautioned to park in a secure place. PUC has offered to install cameras in the parking lot area.

e.    Ad-hoc committees will be calendared for next commission meeting.


Commissioner Fuentes asked for the status of the Cal Train station that was proposed two years ago. Dir. Moses explained Cal Train’s 5-year plan was not approved and will need to be modified.

MOTION: Moved by Fuentes, seconded by Parker to accept the Director’s Report. Motion passed unanimously to accept report as presented (7-0).


There was no new business introduced at this time.

6.0                 PUBLIC COMMENT:
There was no public comment.

7.0                 ANNOUNCEMENTS:
President Brown announced and congratulated Dir. Moses on his 15th-year anniversary as Executive Director of the Southeast Community Facility.

8.0                 ADJOURNMENT
The meeting adjourned at 7:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Commission Secretary