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Meeting Information

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1.0     CALL TO ORDER 


Commission Chair Willie B. Kennedy called the Wednesday, June 24, 2009 meeting to order at 6:10 p.m. in the Alex L. Pitcher Community Room at 1800 Oakdale Avenue.   Commissioner Kennedy read the Sunshine Ordinance.


1.1      ROLL CALL


6:12 p.m.                                  Commission Secretary – Carla Vaughn


Commissioners Present:            Kennedy, Jones, Churchwell, Chung, Yang


Commissioners Excused:           Brown, Sampson


Staff Present:                            Toye Moses, Executive Director

                                                Ken Olivencia, Management Assistant

Carla Vaughn, Commission Secretary




Commission Chair Willie Kennedy announced the Consent Calendar.


It was moved by Commissioner Chung and seconded by Commissioner Churchwell to accept the minutes of Thursday, June 11, 2009.  The minutes were approved.




Ms. Alma Robinson, Director, California Lawyers for the Arts, thanked the Southeast Community Facility staff for their thoughtfulness during her recent illness.  She announced a Public Art Planning Workshop scheduled for Tuesday, June 30th from 6:00 – 8:00 pm at the BayView Opera House. 


The purpose of the public workshop is to get input to determine what public art will be on display at the Shipyard.  The HPS Public Art Planning Team and the Hunters Point Shipyard Citizen’s Advisory Committee will review and build upon the considerable work done to-date.  They will identify preliminary ideas for artists to create public art that recognizes and integrates the cultural and historical features of the Shipyard, and becomes part of the new neighborhood.


The installation date is August 2010.


Ms. Espanola Jackson, Community Activist, announced an Asthma Workshop on Monday, June 29th at 1121 Oakdale Avenue.  She said an office would be opening on Third Street to help educate the community about asthma.


Ms. Jackson thanked Mr. Phil Ting, SF Assessor-Recorder who is also Chair of the Solar Task Force, for visiting her home when her solar paneling was installed.  She suggested the Commission place Solar Paneling on their agenda.    


Ms. Jackson said Mr. Ting could be very helpful to the community with regard to economic development by offering training in solar paneling to young people through organizations like Alternative Red and other organizations that offer solar paneling.


Ms. Jackson mentioned reading an article regarding a foreign country that was very similar to the BayView community.   The foreign community had a decline in many of their serious/chronic illnesses when they switched their energy source to solar.   


Ms. Jackson informed the Commission that money would be coming to San Francisco with the sale of the CT’s, which are valued at approximately $10 million dollars each.  She reminded the Commission that $13 million dollars was paid by PG&E to zip code 94124; however she doubted that even $1 million was spent in the BayView community.  Ms. Jackson requested an audit from the Finance Committee and they never complied.


Ms. Jackson said she hoped Mr. Ting would announce residences switching to solar paneling would receive a reduction in their city taxes.


Sam Murray, Public Relations Officer, SFPUC announced the PUC would be responsible for the Commission retreat luncheon.


Mr. Murray said the 9910 training program was going well.  One of the trainees is now a grade five after 2 years.  This is usually achieved over a 5 to 10 year period.  Mr. Murray said the program was successful and thanked the Commissioners for their support.  He offered to bring the individuals before the Commission so they could meet and congratulate them.


Dr. Harrison Parker, Community Activist, addressed the Commission and thanked them along with staff for their well wishes, plant and prayers.


3.0            COMMUNICATIONS


Carla Vaughn, Commission Secretary announced the following:


a)      Press Release:  San Francisco Launches Global Sustainable Tourism Initiative in the U.S.

b)      Press Release:  Mayor Newsom Appoints George Gascon as San Francisco Chief Of Police

c)      Press Release:  Mayor Newsom Signs Mandatory Recycling And Composting Ordinance


4.0            PRESENTATION


Mr. Phil Ting, San Francisco Assessor-Recorder touched on the GoSolar Program which was launched a year ago in July.  He encouraged everyone to consider going solar and offered to answer any questions regarding the program.


Mr. Ting announced the Assessment Roll was near completion and for the first time in fifteen years they were able to do proactive reductions.  Proactive reductions occur in communities where there has been a consistent drop in real estate values over a couple of years.  Assessed values of property will be lowered for the tax bills going out in the fall.  Properties purchased before 2004 might not be eligible for reduction.  You can check by going to the Assessor-Recorder website at, fill out a form on-line or print it out and fax it to the Assessor’s office.


Mr. Ting has seen the complete inequity of Proposition 13 and what it has done in terms of property taxes.  Prop 13 was supposed to help us as home owners and it was advertised especially for seniors who are on fixed incomes to keep them in their homes.


What they did not tell you is that Prop 13 also helps out all the downtown office buildings, all the warehouses and every commercial property.  As taxpayers and voters we are subsidizing all those commercial property owners.  It is the biggest loophole ever done in the last 30 years.  He provided the following factual statistics from a report by the Board of Equalization.


·        Splitting off commercial property and assessing it at full market value would generate an additional $7 billion dollars in revenue for the state.

·        Residential property owners should pay less than commercial property owners

·        Change the tax rate

·        Change the inflation rate for commercial properties so they pay a higher value over time


Mr. Ting said it is important for a couple of reasons:


a)      It is not a fair policy.

b)      30 years ago we were ranked 5th in per pupil spending in education.  Today we’re ranked 47th.


The business community tries to scare people by saying if taxes are raised businesses will not want to come to California.  Mr. Ting does not feel this is true.  However, if we continue to be 47th in education, continue to not be able to educate our youth or to offer them a future, businesses will not come to California because the work force will be unemployable. 


Currently people come to California because we have the most educated, sophisticated and the best work force in the world.  We use to have the best public education system.


Thirty years later and the governor is proposing to eliminate Cal Grants, the scholarships primarily to low and moderate income students who want to go to college.  Three hundred thousand students who already received acceptance letters will not receive the scholarships.  The governor is also proposing to eliminate Healthy Families, health insurance for a million children.  It has also been proposed to eliminate Cal Works completely.


Mr. Ting encouraged those present to view  He extended an invitation to attend a community meeting on July 1st at the LGBT Community Center located at Market and Octavia Streets at 6:30 p.m. 


There was a question from the audience regarding whether or not this would be a ballot measure.


Mr. Ting responded he did not know, however this is the education phase because most people do not know that Prop 13 has given commercial property owners benefits meant for the homeowners.


Chair Kennedy thanked Mr. Ting for his presentation and introduced Mr. John Scott, President, John Scott Consulting, Inc.


Mr. Scott provided an update on the progress of the Parcel A/Phase One Construction at the Shipyard.  The project has two phases, horizontal and vertical.  It is currently in the horizontal phase of construction.  The infrastructure is 70 percent complete.  As construction moves closer to vertical there will be meetings targeting the construction community in the 94124 impact area to allow community contractors to be aware of and to prepare for bidding on these projects.  This also gives the community contractors time to network with some of the larger contractors.


Ms. Espanola Jackson, Community Activist, had comments regarding an area in the community that was referred to as “Hilltop”.  She said referring to this area as “Hilltop” is confusing to the community and the area should be referred to as Donahue or something else, but not “Hilltop” because the area that originally was known as Hilltop to the community is gone.


Ms. Linda Richardson, Community Activist said the Commission is doing a great service for the community by inviting Mr. Scott to provide information on the on-going construction.


Ms. Alma Robinson, Director, California Lawyers for the Arts and member of the planning team for the Cultural and Historic Recognition Program, encouraged those present to attend the planning workshop on Tuesday and discuss the issue of using the proper names for cultural authenticity.


Dr. Harrison Parker had a question regarding the state of the economy and the impact on the project.


Mr. Scott responded the project was moving forward and there was no impact.


Chair Kennedy thanked Mr. Scott for his presentation and welcomed Ms. Karri Wing, President, Board of Directors, Whitney Young Child Development Center , to address the condition and use of the E.P. Mills Auditorium.


Toye Moses, Executive Director, Southeast Community Facility Commission said the reason Ms. Wing was invited to address the Commission was to explain why the current lease agreement is not being implemented.


Ms. Wing introduced two board members, Linda Brooks-Burton and Mr. McCray, and staffer Eddy Castillo.  She provided a brief history of the relationship with the Southeast Community Facility Commission.


Chair Kennedy expressed her dismay with regard to the condition of the property and wanted to know who the new tenants were.


Ms. Wing said there were no new tenants and anyone occupying the space was a part of the Whitney Young Child Development Program.  She suggested waiting until the return of Mr. David Curto of DHS to set up a meeting to resolve any issues.


Commissioner Churchwell had a question regarding the services provided and if they are well attended.


Ms. Wing responded there is an afterschool program that is well attended and a summer program.


Ms. Gloria Wardell-Hampton, Director and Owner, JMC Academy addressed the Commission and said they gave up their designated rooms to stop the comingling of young and old students and this is her main concern.


Ms. Shirley Jones, Community Activist said the issue could not be solved in one meeting and suggested there be further discussion.


Ms. Espanola Jackson agreed and offered more history on the property.  She also had questions regarding the involvement of the Department of Human Services.


Ms. Linda Richardson, Community Activist said she hoped the issue would be resolved so both organizations could coexist because they both provide viable services that are important to the community.


Chair Kennedy said both programs were important and it is the desire of the Commission to keep them both in the community.


Ms. Linda Brooks-Burton, Board Member, Whitney Young Child Development Program said one of reasons the issue was occurring was because previously repasts held in the facility had become violent and were being held during childcare hours.  Safety was the biggest issue.  She suggested there be a continued discussion.


Commissioner Churchwell suggested the Chair form a committee to study the situation and provide a report.


Chair Kennedy deferred to the Facilities Committee and said the issue would be discussed at their next meeting.




            Chair Kennedy said she did not have a formal report but wanted to clarify the

            item listed under Report of the President.  Chair Kennedy said her request was to

            have someone address the Commission regarding the progress being made in the

            dismantling of the power plants in the community.


On behalf of Dwayne Jones, Director, Mayor’s Office, Communities of Opportunities, Toye Moses, Director, SECFC, provided the following list of changes that will take place at the SECFacility with a projected completion date of August 15.


a)  Redesign reception area located in City College lobby

b)  Relocate past and present Commissioners portraits to the Alex Pitcher room

c)  Remodel exterior and interior

d) Move the children’s mural to the Headstart Child Care Center

e)  Remove all chairs and tables from the City College lobby area

f)  Youth from Dwayne Jones’ program will help with painting


The Mayor’s office is working in conjunction with City College to bring the “Gateway to College” program to the Southeast sector.  Director Moses invited Dean Veronica Hunnicutt to elaborate.


Dr. Veronica Hunnicutt said there was a renaissance of programming at the Southeast Campus with the “Gateway To College” program which assists young people between the ages of 16 to 20 who are dropouts. The concept of the program is a prescribed curriculum, which include college courses. 

The program was designed to be at the Southeast Campus and is sponsored by San Francisco Unified School District , City College of San Francisco, and the Mayor’s Office.


Dr. Hunnicutt requested a letter of support from the Southeast Community Facility Commission to the San Francisco Unified School District Board of Education to keep the program at the Southeast Campus because so many of the young people needing the program are from the 94124 area.


Dr. Hunnicutt asked if Commissioner Jones would assist in directing how the letter should be drafted and to whom the letter should be sent because she knew the principals.


On August 3rd there will be an outreach activity at the Southeast Campus where the community will be asked to come and sign up for classes.


Commissioner Churchwell had a question regarding transfer classes.


Dr. Hunnicutt said the real issue in the community was literacy.  The courses have been selected and the first 10 classes will be offered in the Fall of 2009.


Ms. Espanola Jackson had a question about “Gateway To College”.


Dr. Hunnicutt responded the “Gateway To College” program is funded by the Gates Foundation and is nationwide.


Mr. Tony Caruso of Decorative Plants had comments regarding signage and expressed a desire to be a part of a program that would offer horticulture training.


Dean Hunnicutt responded part of the changes would include signage.


Dr. Moses thanked Dean Hunnicutt and said a lot of work was being done in conjunction with the Mayor’s Office and City College.  He encouraged everyone to do all they can to make sure the “Gateway To College” program is placed at the Southeast Campus.




Commissioner Jones had a productive meeting with the principals on Thursday, June 11th at 10 am. 


The principals are excited to be a part of the planning process from the ground level and they see the health fair as a culmination of what is being done in the classrooms throughout the year to sustain the program and get the children and parents involved.


They discussed the following:


·        Ensure the teachers are teaching the curriculum because it is in the schools as it relates to health issues, diabetes, obesity, etc.

·        Work with the teachers and closely monitor the classes.

·        Children are not as active as they should be.

·        Sponsor a monthly “Legacy Walk” and encourage the schools to walk together 3 or 4 times a year.

·        Ensure the physical education program offers the type of exercises children should be getting.

·        They children need to know the food comes from the earth and seeds.

·        A parent at Carver started a garden last year and we’d like to see it turned over to the students.

·        There is a new principal at Malcolm X and we expect to see a lot of positive changes.

·        The principals will not be able to attend every meeting but they will insure there is a representative in attendance.

·        The best time to schedule the health fair is the week before school closes in June and not April which is when school testing takes place.

·        The principals will meet in August for further discussion and Commissioner Jones will meet with them in September and at that point we will have their perspective of how things should go as it leads up to the fair.


      Ms. Shirley Jones, Community Activist, asked if holding some of the meetings at

      the schools was feasible since the principals might not be able to attend otherwise.


     Commissioner Jones responded currently the meetings were held at the SECF

      Commission and the principals had agreed to send representatives to the meetings

            when they were unable to attend, however this could be discussed further.




Director Moses reported the school was on vacation now and SFPUC has directed staff to install security monitors in the back to minimize parking lot break-ins.


Ms. Shirley Jones, Community Activist had a question regarding the removal of the snake from the child care play area.


Director Moses responded the snake was removed due to the lead content and the potential hazard to the children.

Ms. Espanola Jackson, Community Activist asked why the deputy city attorney was not present and said in his absence another attorney should be sent because that is the procedure at other Commission meetings.


Director Moses thanked Ms. Jackson for her suggestion and said the Commission would look into it.




Chair Kennedy reiterated her desire to have someone come and discuss what was going on at the power plant.  She said she was not sure if it should be someone from PG&E.


Director Moses advised staff had already spoken to the PUC Assistant General Manager and an invitation could be forwarded to PG&E, along with the contractor to be a part of the discussion.




Sam Murray, Public Relations Officer, SFPUC Communications announced the Digester Task Force will have their first meeting on Wednesday, July 1st and he encouraged the participating Commissioners to provide an update at the next Commission meeting.




Chair Kennedy announced the Cultural and Historic Recognition Program (CHRP) Public Art Planning Workshop scheduled for June 30th from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. at the Bayview Opera House.  She encouraged the community to get involved.


Chair Kennedy announced two sub-committee meetings for the Citizens Advisory Committee.  One is the Housing Sub-Committee which will be taking action on the design plans for block 53 and 54 on Parcel A.  They will also be taking action on the Hunter’s Point Community Building Program Fee Development Proposal.


There is a search for people who have the Certificate of Preference so they can come back to the community and we are requesting an update on that issue.  Commissioner Kennedy encouraged everyone who might have contact with these individuals to encourage them to take advantage of this opportunity.


Ms. Espanola Jackson, Community Activist said the children and grandchildren of Certificate holders were having a hard time because they are being told their addresses do not exist and the people hired to handle the Certificate of  Preference issue have no knowledge of the history of the community. 


Ms. Jackson said the powers that be do not want to see the people that use to live in the community return.


Several individuals had questions regarding the date and time of the sub-committee meetings mentioned by Chair Kennedy.


The first meeting will be Thursday, June 25th from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. at the Shipyard in the Lennar trailer.  The Business and Employment meeting will also be on June 25th from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. at the same location.


Chair Kennedy announced there will be a march/demonstration on June 30th to ‘Stop Environmental Racism in BayView Hunter’s Point’ sponsored by the “Stop Lennar Action Movement, Green Action for Health and Environmental Justice, Hunter’s View Mothers Committed for Health and Environmental Justice, PODER & POWER, Chinese Progressive Association, Our City, SF Green Party, and West County Toxic Coalition”.   They will start at 1:00 p.m. and gather at Innes and Donahue Streets.


Carla Vaughn, Commission Secretary, announced the following:


·        Chris Jackson, newest member of the City College Board will present at the Commission meeting scheduled for July 9, 2009.

·        The PUC Commission is proposing to hold their regular Tuesday, September 8, Commission meeting in the Alex Pitcher Community Room.  The meeting time will be from 4:00 p.m. through 8:00 p.m.  The hours of 4:00 p.m. through 6:00 p.m. will be for regular Commission business and the hours of 6:00 p.m. through 8:00 p.m. will be to address “Environmental Justice Issues.”  This time is meant to accommodate persons attending the meeting after work.


Commissioner Karen A. Chung announced the 11th Annual Fundraising Banquet of the Global Children Foundation of which she is the President. 

The banquet will be held on July 11th at the Intercontinental San Francisco Hotel.  Commissioner Chung cordially invited everyone to attend.


Commissioner Churchwell acknowledged the passing of Dr. Henry Lucas.




The meeting was adjourned in memory of Dr. Henry Lucas at 8:25 p.m.


Respectfully submitted

Carla Vaughn, Commission Secretary